On Overtime, Dribbble's official podcast, we share in-depth interviews with your favorite designers. Twice a month we'll be speaking to Dribbblers about their process, the tools they use, and we'll get the stories behind their most popular shots. Overtime is hosted by Dan Cederholm, designer and Co-founder of Dribbble.

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    Design at Google: An inside look with Creative Director Christopher Morabito

    Creative Director at Google Christopher Morabito shares insight on what goes into working on Google’s oldest and newest products, Search and Assistant. We dig into the weight of designing products used by billions of people around the world, and Chris explains to what extent the team uses data vs. a human point of view to inform major design decisions. Learn more about Google’s company culture, how creative teams are structured, and get a glimpse into the challenges of designing for voice. This episode is brought to you by Buddy.

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    Owltastic’s Meagan Fisher on adapting to the modern landscape of web design

    Owltastic’s Meagan Fisher joins us on this episode of Overtime to share her insights on all things web design and how the field has evolved over years. Meagan shares her thoughts on what it means to be a web designer now vs. a decade ago and also tells us about how her own process has changed over time. She’ll also share how the backbone of her career involved learning how to code and why she encourages today’s newer generation of designers to learn the skill. Meagan also shares some unconventional ways you can conduct user research when you don’t have the budget for it. You won’t want to miss it!

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    Maggie Enterrios on finding her authentic voice as an illustrator

    On this episode of Overtime, we dive into the intricate world of Maggie Enterrios’ beautiful illustration work. Maggie shares how she found her authentic voice as an illustrator after going into school for photography, and how her first iPad Pro was a catalyst in streamlining her workflow so she could manage a thriving freelance career. As an illustrator working full-time on the road, we also chat with Maggie on all things inspiration, the beauty of taking on new challenges, finding your style, and learning how to draw baby goats—you won't want to miss it!

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    Reshaping the world one logo at a time with identity design legend Mackey Saturday

    What makes a logo stand the test of time? The legendary identity designer Mackey Saturday joins us on this episode of Overtime to chat all things brand identity. Mackey shares his experience redesigning the new Instagram script logo and working with Oculus and Unsplash on their new visual identities. We hear why he values a strong concept over visual aesthetic and the importance of designing logos with functionality in mind. Mackey also shares how his love for skateboarding introduced him to the world of design and the strong parallel between the two. For Mackey, both skateboarding and design involve a ton of failure and force you to look at the world with a different pair of eyes.

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    Entrepreneur and prankster Johnny Cupcakes on what it takes to build and sustain a booming personal brand

    Self-made entrepreneur and prankster, Johnny Earle, joins us on Overtime to chat about the making of the widely popular Johnny Cupcakes brand. Johnny takes us way back and explains how it all got started—from what inspired him to become an entrepreneur at a very young age, to the struggles of managing and sustaining a growing business, and all of the lessons he’s learned in between.

    Johnny also shares an incredibly hilarious April Fools’ prank his team played on customers at their retail store location you won’t want to miss! It’s just one of the many examples Johnny mentions in relation to the importance of creating a community of customers and spreading good vibes.

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    Revision Path’s Maurice Cherry on creating opportunities and shining a light on others

    Designer, podcaster, and pioneering digital creator, Maurice Cherry, joins us on Overtime. In this episode, Maurice shares what he's up to at Glitch as the Head of Media and the history behind how Revision Path became a podcast and how it's grown and changed in the last 5 years. He also shares the intention behind the 28 Days of the Web project—an initiative to profile different black designers and developers during the month of February.

    Dan and Maurice also discuss what professional design organizations are bringing to the table and if our industry actually needs them. Maurice also shares thoughts on the work the AIGA is doing and how it could be improved.

    You'll want to listen until the end of the episode to hear about the BIG project Maurice is working on next that includes hearing from the next generation of designers and some he shares some super simple advice for designers.

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    Hop, skip, and a jump into freelance with Lauren Hom

    Passion project aficionado and hand lettering artist, Lauren Hom, joins us on Overtime to chat about the success she's found by doing the work she loves. We discuss a few of her popular projects including Flour Crowns, Will Letter for Lunch, and Daily Dishonestly.

    She also shares some sage advice on freelancing and how she quit her advertising art director gig to work for herself. It doesn't have to be a big jump—there are steps you can take to move the mountains closer and make it more of a hop.

    Lauren urges creatives to share work that's not perfect. Quality over quantity still reigns true, but quantity does have some validity in the current landscape of how we share things on social media.

    This episode is brought to you by .ME.

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    50 episodes down and the lessons we've learned along the way

    This is a special episode for a few reasons—it's our 50th episode and it kicks off season four of Overtime! We had so many incredible people on the show last year that we're looking back at 2018 and sharing some of our favorite clips.

    We were surprised to see some common themes emerge over the year. In this episode, you'll hear from past guests about how they've attracted the clients they truly want by being sharing their authentic selves, how teaching can actually be a big learning experience, how side projects can be used to explore new directions, and a few more.

    We hope you enjoyed listening to season three of Overtime as much we enjoyed making it. Have feedback for us? Share your thoughts in our annual Overtime survey.

    This episode is brought to you by PageCloud, the world's best drag and drop site builder. Right now, PageCloud is offering you the chance to earn up to $1,000 for building a PageCloud template. Sign up at pagecloud.com/dribbble.

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    RetroSupply's Dustin Lee shares the secrets to his entrepreneurial success

    On Overtime, designer and entrepreneur, Dustin Lee shares, how he built his wildly successful resource marketplace for designers—RetroSupply Co. In this episode, Dustin shares the numbers and why they're important, where his inspiration for creating analog resources and assets comes from, and what it's like to build tools for creatives.

    Additionally, Dustin shares how he's built a community around RetroSupply Co., how teaming up with other designers can help you both grow your businesses, and how embracing imperfections can create authenticity in your work. We also chat about his side hustle and passion for helping other designers unlock passive income. And maybe some other secrets too. You'll have to listen to find out.

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    Lyft's VP of Design Katie Dill on helping others unlock their potential

    Lyft's VP of Design, Katie Dill, joins us on Overtime to talk about her path as a designer, why she loves being a design manager, and learning to speak a new language when it comes to recognizing designers on your team. We also chat about Lyft's vision for the future, redesigning Lyft's passenger app, using storyboards as a design tool, and of course the pink mustache.

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