On Overtime, Dribbble's official podcast, we share in-depth interviews with your favorite designers. Twice a month we'll be speaking to Dribbblers about their process, the tools they use, and we'll get the stories behind their most popular shots. Overtime is hosted by Dan Cederholm, designer and Co-founder of Dribbble.

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    Figma’s Dylan Field on building design tools that empower collaboration

    Dribbble's very own Director of Design Noah Stokes chats with Figma co-founder Dylan Field on all things design process and collaboration. Learn more about Figma’s mission to give everyone—including non-traditional designers—the power to communicate and collaborate visually. Don’t miss Dylan and Noah talk about using Figma to build design systems, some exciting new software features, and much more! This episode is brought to you by .ME.

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    Design at Google: An inside look with Creative Director Christopher Morabito

    Creative Director at Google Christopher Morabito shares insight on what goes into working on Google’s oldest and newest products, Search and Assistant. We dig into the weight of designing products used by billions of people around the world, and Chris explains to what extent the team uses data vs. a human point of view to inform major design decisions. Learn more about Google’s company culture, how creative teams are structured, and get a glimpse into the challenges of designing for voice. This episode is brought to you by Buddy.

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    Owltastic’s Meagan Fisher on adapting to the modern landscape of web design

    Owltastic’s Meagan Fisher joins us on this episode of Overtime to share her insights on all things web design and how the field has evolved over years. Meagan shares her thoughts on what it means to be a web designer now vs. a decade ago and also tells us about how her own process has changed over time. She’ll also share how the backbone of her career involved learning how to code and why she encourages today’s newer generation of designers to learn the skill. Meagan also shares some unconventional ways you can conduct user research when you don’t have the budget for it. You won’t want to miss it!

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    Maggie Enterrios on finding her authentic voice as an illustrator

    On this episode of Overtime, we dive into the intricate world of Maggie Enterrios’ beautiful illustration work. Maggie shares how she found her authentic voice as an illustrator after going into school for photography, and how her first iPad Pro was a catalyst in streamlining her workflow so she could manage a thriving freelance career. As an illustrator working full-time on the road, we also chat with Maggie on all things inspiration, the beauty of taking on new challenges, finding your style, and learning how to draw baby goats—you won't want to miss it!

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    Reshaping the world one logo at a time with identity design legend Mackey Saturday

    What makes a logo stand the test of time? The legendary identity designer Mackey Saturday joins us on this episode of Overtime to chat all things brand identity. Mackey shares his experience redesigning the new Instagram script logo and working with Oculus and Unsplash on their new visual identities. We hear why he values a strong concept over visual aesthetic and the importance of designing logos with functionality in mind. Mackey also shares how his love for skateboarding introduced him to the world of design and the strong parallel between the two. For Mackey, both skateboarding and design involve a ton of failure and force you to look at the world with a different pair of eyes.

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    Entrepreneur and prankster Johnny Cupcakes on what it takes to build and sustain a booming personal brand

    Self-made entrepreneur and prankster, Johnny Earle, joins us on Overtime to chat about the making of the widely popular Johnny Cupcakes brand. Johnny takes us way back and explains how it all got started—from what inspired him to become an entrepreneur at a very young age, to the struggles of managing and sustaining a growing business, and all of the lessons he’s learned in between.

    Johnny also shares an incredibly hilarious April Fools’ prank his team played on customers at their retail store location you won’t want to miss! It’s just one of the many examples Johnny mentions in relation to the importance of creating a community of customers and spreading good vibes.

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    Revision Path’s Maurice Cherry on creating opportunities and shining a light on others

    Designer, podcaster, and pioneering digital creator, Maurice Cherry, joins us on Overtime. In this episode, Maurice shares what he's up to at Glitch as the Head of Media and the history behind how Revision Path became a podcast and how it's grown and changed in the last 5 years. He also shares the intention behind the 28 Days of the Web project—an initiative to profile different black designers and developers during the month of February.

    Dan and Maurice also discuss what professional design organizations are bringing to the table and if our industry actually needs them. Maurice also shares thoughts on the work the AIGA is doing and how it could be improved.

    You'll want to listen until the end of the episode to hear about the BIG project Maurice is working on next that includes hearing from the next generation of designers and some he shares some super simple advice for designers.

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    Hop, skip, and a jump into freelance with Lauren Hom

    Passion project aficionado and hand lettering artist, Lauren Hom, joins us on Overtime to chat about the success she's found by doing the work she loves. We discuss a few of her popular projects including Flour Crowns, Will Letter for Lunch, and Daily Dishonestly.

    She also shares some sage advice on freelancing and how she quit her advertising art director gig to work for herself. It doesn't have to be a big jump—there are steps you can take to move the mountains closer and make it more of a hop.

    Lauren urges creatives to share work that's not perfect. Quality over quantity still reigns true, but quantity does have some validity in the current landscape of how we share things on social media.

    This episode is brought to you by .ME.

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    50 episodes down and the lessons we've learned along the way

    This is a special episode for a few reasons—it's our 50th episode and it kicks off season four of Overtime! We had so many incredible people on the show last year that we're looking back at 2018 and sharing some of our favorite clips.

    We were surprised to see some common themes emerge over the year. In this episode, you'll hear from past guests about how they've attracted the clients they truly want by being sharing their authentic selves, how teaching can actually be a big learning experience, how side projects can be used to explore new directions, and a few more.

    We hope you enjoyed listening to season three of Overtime as much we enjoyed making it. Have feedback for us? Share your thoughts in our annual Overtime survey.

    This episode is brought to you by PageCloud, the world's best drag and drop site builder. Right now, PageCloud is offering you the chance to earn up to $1,000 for building a PageCloud template. Sign up at pagecloud.com/dribbble.

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    RetroSupply's Dustin Lee shares the secrets to his entrepreneurial success

    On Overtime, designer and entrepreneur, Dustin Lee shares, how he built his wildly successful resource marketplace for designers—RetroSupply Co. In this episode, Dustin shares the numbers and why they're important, where his inspiration for creating analog resources and assets comes from, and what it's like to build tools for creatives.

    Additionally, Dustin shares how he's built a community around RetroSupply Co., how teaming up with other designers can help you both grow your businesses, and how embracing imperfections can create authenticity in your work. We also chat about his side hustle and passion for helping other designers unlock passive income. And maybe some other secrets too. You'll have to listen to find out.

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    Lyft's VP of Design Katie Dill on helping others unlock their potential

    Lyft's VP of Design, Katie Dill, joins us on Overtime to talk about her path as a designer, why she loves being a design manager, and learning to speak a new language when it comes to recognizing designers on your team. We also chat about Lyft's vision for the future, redesigning Lyft's passenger app, using storyboards as a design tool, and of course the pink mustache.

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    Finding Freedom in Personal Work with Mary Kate McDevitt

    On Overtime, illustrator and letterer Mary Kate McDevitt shares her path to becoming a freelance artist. After attending Tyler School of Art and moving to Portland, Mary Kate found her voice by setting goals, authoring books, and teaching classes.

    Mary Kate shares a behind-the-scenes look at the tools and process she uses to create her beautiful, detailed pieces. She also shares how teaching has helped her refine her process and how she throws that process away and finds freedom when doing personal work. Blasting a little classical music helps too.

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    From skeuomorphic design to building a global agency with Clay's Anton Zykin and Dmitry Tsozik

    On Overtime, we dive into a little Dribbble history with Clay's Anton Zykin and Dmitry Tsozik. If you were on Dribbble in the early days, you may remember the incredible skeuomorphic icons made by SoftFacade. In this episode, we hear how Anton and Dmitry got started, what happened when iOS 7 killed skeuomorphic design, their advice building an agency, and about their journey from Russia to San Francisco.

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    Creative Coding: Programming Visuals with Joshua Davis

    Legendary designer, Joshua Davis, joins us to talk about how he utilizes programming to create unique visual landscapes. A Flash pioneer for over a decade, Joshua shares his journey with open source software and creative coding that informs his incredible art. In this episode, we time travel back to ‘95 to hear how Joshua went from painting to programming. He also shares what frameworks he’s using now, why he’s a fan of open source software, and why it’s important to share what he’s learned with others.

    This episode is brought to you by Wix. Push the limits of design and start creating beautiful, impactful websites that are uniquely yours at wix.com/dribbble.

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    Designing for Everyone, Everywhere with Luke Wroblewski

    Our latest Overtime guest, Luke Wroblewski, is known best for humanizing technology. He's the author of several web design books, has founded several start-ups that were later acquired, and he's now the Product Director at Google.

    In this episode, Dan and Luke discuss the key ideas behind his book Mobile First and how that translates to building for devices today, why we should be data-informed not data-driven when it comes to building products, and what he learned from his time creating and building Bagcheck and Polar.

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    Midwest Illustrator Tad Carpenter On Valuing Playfulness In Design

    Designer and illustrator Tad Carpenter shares what he loves about the Kansas City and the Midwest design communities, what it's like to grow up with a creative father who worked at Hallmark and how that's influenced his own career, and how he got started writing and illustrating children's books. He also shares thoughts on imposter syndrome, play, his process and tools, and the best barbecue in Kansas City.

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    Rob Generette III on Design Education, Getting Inspired by Sports, and What's Next After Retiring from Teaching

    Illustrator and art educator, Rob Generette III (aka Robzilla) is on Overtime this week. In this episode, Rob shares what he's learned from teaching the art and photography for the last 20 years and what he learned from his own design education. He also shares how he came to be an incredible sports illustrator and found himself drawing live on air at ESPN. He also hints at his next big project, so you'll have to listen to the episode to find out what's he's working on now.

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    Growing Businesses and Communities Through Trust With Tina Roth Eisenberg

    Episode 41 features Swissmiss, AKA Tina Roth Eisenberg. Tina is quite a powerhouse and is a super creative person who loves taking side projects and turning them into real companies that make a big impact in the design world. In the episode, Dan and Tina chat about finding your people, confidence vs enthusiasm, and injecting joy into your work. Tina also shares what makes Creative Mornings so magical and details about her new venture, The Creative Guild.

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    Balancing Work and Life on the Fly with Alana Louise

    Episode 40 features Alana Louise, an independent designer living in Austin, TX. She’s worked with incredible companies like Yeti, United by Blue, Austin Beerworks, and others. When Alana Louise is not designing, she’s on the river fly fishing. In this episode, she tells us how sharing her passion for fishing on Instagram helped her land her dream clients. Dan and Alana Louise also cover design systems and how they’re applied to packaging and what it’s like to be part of the local design scene in Austin. She also shares her thoughts on seeking citizenship in the US.

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    Tim Allen on Empowering Users with Inclusive Design

    Episode 39 features Tim Allen, Partner at Microsoft. Before joining Microsoft, Tim worked with a number of incredible companies including Adobe, RGA, Nike, Amazon, and others. He now leads Microsoft's Fluent Design System and Inclusive Design teams. Tim has honed his design and leadership skills from a young age, since starting his own airbrushing business while in high school!

    In this episode Dan and Tim do a deep dive on what it's like to be a designer at Microsoft and how the Fluent Design and Inclusive Design programs are changing the design landscape. Tim also shares how Inclusive Design not only helps the underrepresented folks they're designing for, but benefits everyone.

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    On Building a Global Design Agency with Haraldur Thorleifsson

    Our guest on episode 38 is Haraldur Thorleifsson, founder and CEO of Ueno—a global design agency that works with incredible clients like Google, Fitbit, Dropbox, Slack, ESPN, and more.

    In this episode, Dan and Halli chat about the role Dribbble played in building his agency, the importance of having a portfolio and building relationships, the challenges of running a design agency, and why designers should be avoiding trends. They also explore how travel helped Halli shape the company Ueno is today.

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    Live at Hang Time with Sasha Barr, Dina Rodriguez, and Victor Melendez

    Today we're bringing you a very special episode of Overtime. Episode 37 was recorded at Hang Time Seattle in front of our live audience. Dan Cederholm shared the stage with three Pacific Northwest creatives: Sasha Barr, Dina Rodriguez, and Victor Melendez.

    They have a great conversation about cultivating a personal brand, freelancing vs fulltime, and the stories behind their shops. They also share their big goals and their mutual love for watching tv and drawing.

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    An Inside Look at Design Legend Paula Scher’s Influential Career

    Episode 36 of Overtime features one of the most influential graphic designers in the world—Paula Scher. In this episode, Dan and Paula discuss her early work at CBS Records, the joy of typographic expression, and creating opportunities for yourself. They also go behind the scenes of her vast collection of work including the stories behind identities for The Public Theater, Microsoft Windows 8, and more.

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    Making Design a Family Affair with Josh and Katie Emrich

    Episode 35 features Josh and Katie Emrich of Emrich Office. This husband and wife team live in Indianapolis and are running an incredible design studio while raising four kids. They do amazing identity branding work for clients like Bottle Logic, Keymaster Games, Turner Dairy, and more. Warning: this episode is going to make you want to buy a bottle of milk (even if you don't drink milk), just because of the branding.

    In this episode, Josh and Katie share what it’s like to start your own business to spend more time with family, what fuels their passion for working with family brands, and the importance of cultivating relationships with clients.

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    Never Stop Learning and Always Start Teaching with Pablo Stanley

    Episode 34 features Pablo Stanley—lead designer and co-founder of Carbon Health, mentor at Sketch Together, host of the Diseño Cha Cha Cha podcast, and writer of The Design Team.

    In this episode, Dan and Pablo talk about how to be a good team member, the value of soft skills, how teaching will help you learn, and why it's important to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

    Pablo shares the challenges he faced in his path to becoming a designer, why he started his podcast, why the things you think are holding you back might actually be your superpowers, and more.

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    Adding Value to Our Community, Remote Culture, and What’s Next for Dribbble with CEO Zack Onisko

    Episode 33 features our very own Zack Onisko—Dribbble’s CEO. Before taking the helm at Dribbble, Zack began his career nearly 20 years ago as a web designer before shifting into business and executive roles at Autodesk, Creative Market, Hired.com, BranchOut, Monster.com, and Tickle.com.

    In the episode, Dan and Zack chat about finding design through music, Zack’s early career growing startups, his experience building another design community at Creative Market, and a few secrets to success when it comes to growth marketing.

    Dan and Zack also do a dive deep into Dribbble’s growth in the past year—including how we add value back into the community, our remote culture, and what’s coming up next for Dribbble. Spoiler alert: think bigger shots and video support!

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    Creating Cosmic Connections Through Design with Lauren Dickens

    Episode 32 features Lauren Dickens—an amazingly creative designer who specializes in brand identity and art direction. She's has worked with some incredible clients including Target, Facebook, SXSW, and The Line Hotel. Lauren lives in Austin, Texas and has certainly left her mark around town—working with popular Austin establishments like Native Boutique Hostels, Better Half Coffee & Cocktails, STAG Provisions, and many others.

    In this episode, Dan and Lauren nerd out over typography, letterpress, process, and merch of all forms. Additionally, Lauren shares how important it is to her to work on personal projects and to have a sense of humor in her work. This episode even gets a little cosmic, so meet Dan and Lauren on the astral plane!

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    Growing and Supporting the Design Community with Gerren Lamson

    Gerren Lamson is an Austin-based designer and the co-owner and Chief Design Officer at Creative Market. In this episode, we explore how Gerren got started in design, the value in teaching yourself new skills, the differences in working agency vs. product, and how to transition from making to managing. Dan and Gerren also chat about what Creative Market and Dribbble have in common, community and company culture, and his team’s newest product, Creative Market Pro.

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    Great Projects Come from Passion and Exploration with Jim Coudal

    We’re super excited to have Jim Coudal on Overtime. Jim is the founder of Coudal Partners, a design and interactive studio in Chicago. So many amazing projects have sprung out of Coudal Partners including The Deck Network, Layer Tennis, and Field Notes.

    In this episode, Jim shares solid advice on sharing what you love with others, how to remain genuine while running a business, and knowing when it's time to let a project go. Jim also teases the next big project from Field Notes!

    “Try stuff out. If it’s a moderate success—try figure out how to make it a bigger success. If you can’t figure out how to make it bigger, then go on to the next idea.”

    This episode is brought to you by Wix. Push the limits of design and start creating beautiful, impactful websites that are uniquely yours at wix.com/dribbble.

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    Rejection, Perseverance, and Design Matters with Debbie Millman

    Debbie Millman has worked with some of the world's biggest brands including Burger King, Hershey’s, Haagen-Dazs, Twizzlers—just to name a few. She's written six books, is a frequent keynote speaker on design and branding, and she hosts the first and longest running podcast about design, Design Matters.

    In this episode, we discuss the drawing that started it all, why rejection can be worse than failure, how Design Matters got started, and why persistence is the key to success.

    “I don't think it's possible to make a name for yourself doing work for other people. I think that the way you make a name for yourself is doing original work on your own. Which doesn't mean you have to quit your job to do it. I was doing Design Matters while I had two full-time jobs.”

    This episode is brought to you by Wix. Push the limits of design and start creating beautiful, impactful websites that are uniquely yours at wix.com/dribbble.

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    Being a Professional Encourager with Andy J Pizza from the Creative Pep Talk Podcast

    Season 3 of Overtime is here! Our first guest is Andy J. (Pizza) Miller. Andy is the creator of the podcast and book Creative Pep Talk. He also has a successful illustration career and has created illustrations for clients like Nickelodeon, Google, Converse, Sony, Smart Car, Oreo, The Boston Globe & Nutella.

    In this episode, we find out what pizza and Dribbble have in common, how Andy transitioned from illustration to podcasting, and the secret to Creative Pep Talk’s success.

    Andy also shares how to “find your gift,” what he thinks all creative people have in common, how to embrace change when it comes to your career, his hope for the creative future, and much more.

    “I always tell people to look for wilderness instead of paved roads. Once there’s 8,000 tutorials and 50 apps to make that thing the easiest thing possible, the treasure at the end of that road is gone.”

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    Ryan Hamrick

    It's our final episode of Overtime, season 2! We'll be back in 2018 but before then, we'd love to hear from you. If you're an avid Overtime listener, please take a short survey to let us know what you love about Overtime and what we can improve on. Additionally, we’re experimenting with our format, so you’ll see chapters in this episode if you're listening in a podcast app that supports chapters (like Overcast).

    And now on to episode 27! In this episode, we chat with Ryan Hamrick, an independent letterer and designer, living in Austin, TX. Ryan shares how he got started with lettering back in 2011, the story behind the Curves Ahead Tour, a few lettering tricks he saves for live workshops, why he's starting an artist representation agency, and more.

    This week’s episode is brought to you by Wix. Wix believes the web is your playground. With advanced features like retina-ready image galleries, custom font sets, and sophisticated design effects, you’ll have real creative freedom to tell your story online—exactly the way you’ve envisioned it. Go to wix.com/dribbble to get started today.

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    Khoi Vinh

    In episode 26, we chat with Khoi Vinh, Principal Designer at Adobe, co-founder of Mixel and Kidpost, and former Design Director of New York Times Online. We discuss Khoi's role at Adobe, the recent launch of Adobe XD, the pros and cons of working for big (or small) companies, Adobe's recent effort to impact diversity in creativity in a positive way, how Khoi got started with design, publishing on personal websites vs Medium, the benefits of having your own custom blog, and more. This week’s episode is brought to you by Wix.

  34. Thumb 1510196607 artwork

    Vlad Magdalin

    In this episode, we talk to Vlad Magdalin about the origin of Webflow, it's unique position in the market of web design tools, the current state of web design tooling, why democratization of web design is a good thing, and more.

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    Ethan Marcotte

    We've got a special episode for you this week. In this episode, you’ll hear a conversation with Dan Cederholm and Ethan Marcotte. It was recorded at the Hang Time Boston after-party. You may hear a bit of bar noise, but you’ll also hear some great insights on responsive web design, GIFs, and more.

    Ethan shares the story of how responsive web design came to be, the complexity of the design process, the best way to get started with responsive web design, advice for teams building pattern libraries and style guides, why he started a GIF repository, and more.

  36. Thumb 1507773558 artwork

    Meg Lewis

    Meg Lewis is a designer and founder of Ghostly Ferns—a family of freelancer BFFs. She also founded Fool Proof—a coworking space to support creativity in Minnesota. She’s also a really nice person.

    In this episode, Meg tells us about her recent move to Minnesota, why she started a coworking space, the importance of working with friends, why you should be yourself when working with clients, personal branding, and much more. This episode is brought to you by FreshBooks.

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    Louie Mantia

    In episode 22, Dan chats with icon designer Louie Mantia. Louie is a co-founder of Parakeet—a small design studio with a concentration on icons, logos, illustrations, and emoji.

    In this episode, Dan and Louie chat about getting inspired by Disney, bringing fun back to app icons, typeface vs icon design, advice for new designers, and more. This episode is brought to you by FreshBooks.

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    Lydia Nichols

    In episode 21, Dan chats with Lydia Nichols, an illustrator and designer who loves anthropomorphizing animals. She's done amazing work for companies like Mailchimp, Google, the New York Times, and more. In this episode, Lydia shares why she fell in love with illustration, her workflow in Illustrator and Photoshop, how she handles a 6-hour time frame for creating and delivering an illustration, lessons she learned from producing a book, and more.

  39. Thumb 1503351669 artwork

    Alice Lee

    In episode 20, Dan chats with Alice Lee, an independent San Francisco-based illustrator and designer who loves drawing and telling clever stories. She's also part of a studio of artists known as the 1099 Group. Before going independent, she was the second illustrator at Dropbox.

    In this episode, we talk about how she transitioned from product designer into illustration, the pros and cons of working remotely, why she thinks of her career as a garden, and more. This episode is brought to you by FreshBooks.

  40. Thumb 1501857984 artwork

    Ryan Putnam

    In episode 19, Dan chats with Ryan Putnam. Dan and Ryan chat about being creative. Ryan is always looking for different ways to make stuff that's functional but beautiful at the same time. They also discuss Riso printing, how Ryan got into pottery, building a shared illustration language, experimenting on the web, and more. This episode is brought to you by FreshBooks.

  41. Thumb 1500930542 artwork

    Jared Erondu

    In episode 18, Dan chats with Jared Erondu. Jared is the head of design at Lattice and he's also building a Q&A platform for designers called Playbook. Additionally, he's the co-host of High Resolution, a video series on design.

    In this episode we dig into the origin story of Playbook, what Jared's trying to accomplish at Lattice, why sharing knowledge is key to growing the design community, the idea behind the High Resolution video series, dealing with burnout, maintaining a healthy lifestyle while still getting work done, and more. A big thank you to Freshbooks for sponsoring this episode!

  42. Thumb 1499634061 artwork

    Jon Contino

    Our guest this week is Jon Contino. Jon is a very talented branding consultant, creative director and a monster of a design force. In this episode, we discuss Jon's process and his background, his new custom lettering workshop, the challenges of balancing design life with family life, how New York has influenced his designs, and more.

  43. Thumb 1498426248 artwork

    Danielle Evans

    In our 16th Overtime episode, Dan chats with Danielle Evans—a visual artist, letterer, and designer from Columbus, Ohio. In this episode, Danielle recounts starting a design career during the recession and how she got the idea for food typography. Dan and Danielle also talk about talks about how she prepares for her food lettering pieces, the value of community, the temporary nature of her work, learning other skills like photography to support her work, and more. This episode is brought to you by HelloSign.

  44. Thumb 1496963370 artwork

    Rogie King

    Our guest on Overtime episode 15 is Rogie King. Rogie is a talented illustrator, designer, and developer and he's been a long time Dribbble member. Recently he's worked on NeonMob and Super Team Deluxe.

    In this episode, we talk about how Rogie got into design, the origin story of Super Team Deluxe, the challenges of working alone, the benefits of collaboration, Rogie's plans for the future, and more.

  45. Thumb 1495405122 artwork

    Aaron Draplin

    Our guest this week is Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co. He's usually based in Portland, Oregon, but he's currently on the road promoting his new book, Pretty Much Everything.

    In this episode, we chat about why speaking normally about graphic design can pay off, how Aaron uses Instagram, why he doesn't waste time policing the internet, why he believes everyone deserves great design, who inspires him, and the challenges of shipping merch and managing work while touring.

    Our episode this week is brought to you by MyFonts.com.

  46. Thumb 1494092927 artwork

    Amy and Jennifer Hood

    Our guests for lucky episode 13 are Amy and Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah Design Co., a boutique branding firm specializing in bold, unapologetic design across print and web. They also run Odds and Sods, an online shop where they sell enamel pins, shirts, posters, and other unnecessary necessaries.

    This episode of Overtime is brought to you by My Favorite Five, the brand new MyFonts newsletter series that profiles hardworking designers. In each issue, designers share their five go-to typefaces and a behind-the-scenes look at their process. Read the current issues of My Favorite Five and sign up for upcoming newsletters at MyFonts.com/newsletters.

  47. Thumb 1492394659 artwork

    Linda Eliasen

    In our latest Overtime episode, Dan chats with Linda Eliasen—a designer, illustrator, art director, and all-around creative. Linda currently freelances in NYC, but before that, she worked at Ueno, Dropbox, Mailchimp, and Squarespace. In this episode, she shares her illustration workflow, a story about puppets, and what it's like to try something new.

    This episode of Overtime is brought to you by SiteGround. SiteGround offers web hosting crafted for the creative community. Whether you’re using a custom solution or a popular open-source software like WordPress, SiteGround has plenty of hosting options that your website can grow into. Overtime listeners get 50% off at siteground.com/dribbble.

  48. Thumb 1491840477 artwork

    Kelli Anderson

    In episode 11 of Overtime, Dan chats with Kelli Anderson—a tinkerer, designer, artist, printmaker, and all-around creative force in the design world. She's created some amazing projects including a paper record player and a book that's also a camera. They talked about the inspiration behind Kelli's unique design projects, how science plays a role in Kelli's work, her upcoming book, This Book Is a Planetarium: And Other Extraordinary Pop-Up Contraptions, and more.

    *This episode of Overtime is brought to you by SiteGround. SiteGround offers web hosting crafted for the creative community. Whether you’re using a custom solution or a popular open-source software like WordPress, SiteGround has plenty of hosting options that your website can grow into. Overtime listeners get 50% off at siteground.com/dribbble.

  49. Thumb 1490622329 artwork

    Fraser Davidson

    In episode 10 of Overtime, Dan chats with Fraser Davidson—an award-winning motion graphic designer and animator and one of the founding members of Cub Studio. Cub Studio has worked with big name clients like ESPN, the NFL, BBC, and more. Fraser and Dan discuss the recent resurgence of the GIF, Fraser's creative process and how he started Cub Studio, and a behind-the-scenes look at a few of Fraser's recent motion graphics. This episode is brought to you by SiteGround.

  50. Thumb 1489374731 artwork

    JP Boneyard

    In our Overtime 9th episode, Dan chats with JP Boneyard, Creative Director of The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series and producer of the National Poster Retrospecticus. JP shares what it's like to work with other designers, how he got into curating and hosting events at a young age, an in-depth explanation of the screen printing process, and more.

  51. Thumb 1487692841 artwork

    Meg Robichaud

    Meg is currently the Illustration Lead at Shopify, but she also has a ton of experience in freelance illustration. In this episode, we discuss how she manages illustration work at a large company, whether or not you should do unpaid work for friends, and why she started writing about her illustration process on Medium.

  52. Thumb 1480042564 artwork

    Gleb Kuznetsov

    Our guest this week is Gleb Kuznetsov. Gleb is the Design Director at Fantasy, where he designs futuristic user interfaces and jaw-dropping animations.

    In this episode, we talk about the struggles he overcame while learning design and development in Russia, how he got his job at Fantasy, why it pays to work on side projects just for fun, his process for brainstorming and designing, and so much more.

  53. Thumb 1477986291 artwork

    Team Dribbble's Adam Darowski

    In this bonus episode, Dan sits down to chat with Dribbble's front-end developer and product designer, Adam Darowski.

  54. Thumb 1476229747 artwork

    Team Dribbble's Alison Harshbarger

    In this Overtime bonus episode, Dan sits down for a quick chat with Dribbble’s very own Alison Harshbarger. She’s Dribbble’s community manager, which means she helps community members with support, makes sure Dribbble Meetup organizers have the resources they need, and she features community members here on Courtside.

  55. Thumb 1474864370 artwork

    Bill Kenney

    Our guest this week is Bill Kenney. Bill is the creative director and co-founder of Focus Lab, a strategic, creative studio based out of Savannah, Georgia.

    In this episode, Bill shares the story of how he discover his love for design and how Focus Lab got started.

    He also shares how consistently posting to Dribbble helped Focus Lab earn nearly 1 million dollars in yearly revenue, how get your clients on board with sharing your design process on Dribbble, and how to feel about negative feedback from the designers on the internet who don’t like your work.

  56. Thumb 1468260879 artwork

    Allison House

    Allison House is an independent designer and visual artist who worked with tech startups like Dropbox, Codecademy and Treehouse before diving into 3D illustration and design. In this episode, she shares how she made the transition to 3D, how she's working to help other designers do the same, and why it's important to push yourself and get into uncomfortable territory.

  57. Thumb 1462904053 artwork

    Bethany Heck

    This week, Dan is joined by Bethany Heck. Bethany is the Creative Lead for the Microsoft Power BI team, and also runs Eephus League, where she creates products for sports fans with a focus on beautiful typography.

    In this episode, Dan and Bethany discuss the importance of firm criticism, learning to accept that you won't always win (and why that's ok), how Eephus League got started, why “stick to two typefaces” is a rule that you can break, and more.

  58. Thumb 1458909212 artwork

    Justin Mezzell

    In this interview, Dan talks with illustrator and designer Justin Mezzell. Dan and Justin discuss how he got started in design, the importance of asking for help, and prioritizing and choosing what you spend time on. Justin shares his design tools of choice, why he prefers Sketch over Photoshop these days, and talks about what it's like working at Code School.

  59. Thumb 1454975235 artwork

    Laura Bohill

    In this interview, Dan speaks with freelance illustrator, icon artist, branding specialist, letterer, and all around cool person, Laura Bohill. Laura and Dan chat about freelancing, accents, Ghostly Ferns, working with folks you love, why you don't have to be good at everything to be successful, and much more.

  60. Thumb 1537923119 artwork

    Ian Brignell

    Overtime is Dribbble’s audio companion and our first foray into the world of audio. In this episode, Dan Cederholm talks with letter, logo, and font designer, Ian Brignell. Ian’s impressive client list includes Budweiser, Smirnoff, Harvard, Dove, Hershey’s and many more. We were honored to talk to Ian about his background, his process, tips for designing and lettering, collaboration, and advice for young designers.

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